Most consumers don’t understand branding, but they make decisions based on it on a daily basis. Great branding unlocks the subconscious within us to persuade us to purchase a product or hire a service by connecting with a company and its presence.

Instantly recognisable, most people can instinctively tell you what company a memorable logo, slogan or even advert theme tune belongs to.

We will help build a brand that allows you to compete on every level, not just on price. A strong brand allows you to charge more for your products, and grow consistently. Look at Apple as one example of amazing modern-day branding.

Brand strategy extends beyond the name and symbol of your business, and other channels such as social media, PR and other marketing help create the clear vision of what your company stands for and its personality.
An effective branding strategy will help you dominate your industry. It’s a powerful yet often overlooked way of increasing awareness, customer retention and creating an emotional connection between consumers and your product or service.

“Kahootz Media will dig deep to discover exactly what you and your business stands for, and will help create a brand that resonates with your target audience”

There are some cases where the audience further determines what your branding is recognised for and you learn to follow that lead to maximise reputation, without straying from your core values.
Whether you want to re-brand or are a totally new start-up company we will follow certain steps to ensure we help create a message that encapsulates all what you stand for and what’s unique about your business. Our team will spend time getting to know yours, and ensure that you are fully aware that you and every single one of your employees plays a vital part in delivering an effective brand message.

1) We will work with you to understand your target audience
2) Our research will begin on competitor activity and branding strengths / weaknesses
3) Together we will formulate a mission statement for the business
4) Work will begin on a logo encapsulating the brand message
5) Decision on brand voice and the tone that will be used consistently
6) Other visual material, social media covers and website will reflect the new brand
7) Integration of the brand into all aspects of the business, operationally and marketing

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