Kahootz Media is a content-led digital marketing company. We know the importance of creating exciting, relevant, innovative and insightful content to attract and build an audience for your brand. Search engines such as Google also love regularly updated content.

“When content and copywriting is mentioned it could be something as basic as a social media post, or a more detailed offering such as an e-book or white paper.”

Blogs are currently an excellent form of publishing great content, whilst diverting viewers directly to your website and sending alerts to the search engines that your website has been updated in the process.

Content marketing is all about creating meaningful, relevant and valuable content and publishing it in order to attract and retain customers. Sharing words, pictures, videos or other media online to attract and retain the attention of a brand audience all helps to build reputation and trust.

All good content requires a lead-magnet, something that will pull in an audience and keep them interested. Examples of this could be a guide or report, a resource list, free trial, video download, quizzes or a test.

Some of the vehicles for accelerating the audience of your content include blogging, podcasts, social media and email marketing. There are lots of other ways to distribute content to ensure its impact is maximised, but the main skill is producing great content in the first place. If you have to give it a nudge by amplifying it with some PPC then so be it. Good content travels fast and it will only accelerate the success of an already great piece of content.

The end goal is to direct the audience to your website, and convert them into paying customers. Metrics such as website views, likes and shares must be monitored closely to ensure the end goal of increasing business and turning browsers into profit is achieved.

Kahootz Media create innovative and compelling content that will amplify throughout the online marketplace and help the spotlight to shine on your business. We’re brimming with ideas relevant to your industry and have an expert team of journalists and copywriters that know how to hit the sweet spot.

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