Below are some questions we often get asked.

Will Kahootz Media Know What Marketing Strategy To Suggest?

Absolutely. In a short space of time, we can analyse your current digital presence, that of your competitors, and a recommended strategy to grow your business and maximise return on investment in line with your short and long-term objectives.

What Makes Kahootz Media Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

We build relationships not just marketing campaigns. Our long-term clients all share the same positive attributes. A strong work ethic, understanding of their business, and the ability and tenacity to go the extra mile.

Is Kahootz Media A Registered Business?

Yes, we are registered in the UK and in Thailand. 

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

More than 80% of people search online before purchasing any product or service. It’s only going to get more important in the future to have a positive online presence for business success.

How Much Will Digital Marketing Cost?

We’ll advise you on spend, depending on your industry, competitor activity, and your objectives. As a guide, most of our small to medium sized business clients spend 25,000 baht – 200,000 baht a month. We can cater for budgets as low as £300 (12,000baht) to 25,000 baht a month for basic services. 25-100,000 baht for intermediate services and 100,000+ baht for full service. A ballpark guide on marketing spend is 10-15% of total gross revenue, but this is a generalisation and varies on industry and whether the company is a start-up, or an established entity.

How Long Will My Website Take To Build?

We can build most websites within a three-week timescale after the content has been produced.

How Quickly Will SEO Work?

Google rankings usually take 3-6 months minimum to take a positive hold (page 1 rankings). This can be longer for a totally new website domain with limited history.

I want Instant results. Can I Get Them?

Pay per click and other forms of digital advertising can provide a fast, almost instant, response. If you want to capitalise on a busy period or holiday promotion then paid ads can be the solution.

How Can You Monitor Progress?

We will be able to provide website analytics and a social media analysis to prove what has worked and driven customers towards you or caused them to interact. Hopefully, you’ll also be able to see it’s working by the extra revenue and leads generated.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are classed as social media. In modern terms, social media is the equivalent of word of mouth – but far quicker and more effective than old-school communication between individuals and groups. Marketing on social media is a very effective tool when used correctly.

What is a CMS website?

This is an abbreviation for Content Management System. Basically, software that enables easy maintenance and updating of a website. If you want to change the text on a page you can, without paying expensive maintenance fees. WordPress is the most popular CMS available.

Can Kahootz Media Get Page One Google Rankings?

Yes, we can and we do! We advise on target search terms, timescales, and expected budgets required to get page one rankings and can provide references of clients we have done exactly that for in the past and present.

Does My Website Need a Blog?

All relevant and compelling content on your website will help it get noticed and bring visitors back. A blog is a vital part of the process. Updating a blog regularly sends positive signals to the search engines and can provide real value to your visitors. The extra content also provides opportunities for others to share and link to the relevant content.

What Do You Need From Us to Begin?

Initially, we’ll consult with you and ask all the questions we need answers to. From then on, depending on how much you want to spend and how much input you wish to have is down to you. We can work alone or in conjunction with existing marketing teams.

We’re Not Technically Minded – Will You Provide Ongoing Support?

We are here for you and will help wherever we can. We’re not into charging for quick advice and we won’t charge you for every cup of coffee we drink.

Can I Pay Monthly With Kahootz Media?

We are keen to build up lasting relationships with our clients. In some cases, we can spread the cost of websites, but everything else is typically payment in advance. Get in touch to see if we can help.

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