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Pay per click advertising makes up a huge proportion of Google’s annual revenue. Tens of billions of dollars are spent on Adwords on an annual basis. Facebook is also a dominant force in the paid advertising space.

Kahootz Media is an experienced Pay Per Click (PPC) agency based in Hua Hin, Thailand. We create, manage and optimise paid advert campaigns to save our clients money and generate more leads.

Our team will improve costs per click, reduce wasted clicks, improve conversion rates and make a positive difference to any pay per click campaign.

Google Ads Pay Per Click

Google and advertisers themselves have long been successful with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords).

Advertisers can set up campaigns based on their chosen keywords, respective bids, and a huge range of other settings that can determine the success or failure of any pay per click campaign.

Where many businesses go wrong is they set up their Google Ads, and may check them once a month for performance. In the meantime, competitors have outbid you on certain keywords and performance deteriorates.

These mistakes will cost money and conversions. It’s a daily or at least weekly task to refine bids, monitor competitor activity and continually streamline Google Ads pay per click campaigns.

Some Google ad settings are advanced and not self-explanatory. An untrained eye is likely to miss out on opportunity and spend more than is necessary.

Outsourcing your Google ads management to Kahootz Media means you will have expert eyes on your campaigns at all times. Enabling you to focus on the running of your business, and converting the leads we generate! 

Social Media Advertising

Social media pay per click has added an entirely new dimension to paid advertising. A big reason for this is the additional data social media platforms have on their users and huge captive audiences. Facebook is the biggest and best when it comes to social media pay per click.

Kahootz Media can manage your existing Google Ads or social media advertising accounts. We can also set them up if you don’t already have them.

Facebook enables you to hyper-target specific demographics such as location, interests, age and other more intricate refinements. For a pay per click (PPC) agency like Kahootz Media, this ability to refine spend and reach is one that simply can’t be ignored.

We know how to set up and refine social media paid ad campaigns to get your business noticed. It’s not just recommended to do paid advertisements on social media, it’s almost essential to grow in today’s competitive online marketplace.

As the online sphere gets more crowded, Facebook in particular has decided to limit the organic reach of posts with complex algorithms. General data suggests that the average organic reach of Facebook posts is just 2-3%.

This means your page could have 1million page likes, but the maximum amount of people that like your page that will see the post will be 20,000-30,000 until the post is liked / shared.

Facebook has taken this measure to a) control the quality of the content we see on our news feeds and b) increase advertising revenues. Both appear to be working and other platforms are following this path.

Paid Content Distribution

It can be frustrating for publishers to have to pay for visibility on social media. Publishers want their content to travel far and wide. Limited organic reach doesn’t mean that great content won’t get noticed.

We have a lot of success with PPC content amplification for advertisers on Facebook and other social platforms. This means we produce great content, and back it up with additional amplification spend to ensure the reach is maximised.

“Give great content the best chance to travel far and wide on social media by paying to amplify its reach.”

Content can easily ‘go viral’ and lead to extra sales, email sign ups, page likes and increased links back to a website.

You can spend just 500-1000 baht ($15-30) on promoting a specific post, and find it reaches thousands of people as the organic reach is further amplified by the amount of likes and shares the post receives. It can be a fantastic way of getting your message out to a large audience for a realistic budget.

It all begins with great content. You can spend a lot of money promoting posts or adverts that provide little value and the reach will be hindered dramatically.

There are literally dozens of other advertising options on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as examples. Content amplification, display adverts, lead generation adverts, page promotion, website promotion, email sign ups and much more.

Pay Per Click Agency Hua Hin, Thailand

Pay Per Click advertising is very much part of modern-day digital marketing. If you are investing time and money in producing great content it makes sense to promote the best of it to maximise reach. If you have a great business model, you want as many people as possible to know about it.

Whether you need support with Google PPC, Bing or social media advertising our expert team based in Bangkok will grow your digital marketing presence and improve return on investment.

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