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Kahootz Media is an experienced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agency based in Bangkok, Thailand but working with clients worldwide. We create, manage and optimise PPC campaigns on Google to save our clients money and generate more leads.

Our team will improve costs per click, reduce wasted clicks, improve conversion rates and make a positive difference to any pay-per-click PPC campaign.

PPC advertising contributes significantly to Google’s annual revenue, with tens of billions of dollars spent on Google Ads each year. Facebook, now known as Meta, is also a dominant force in the paid advertising space.

Kahootz Media is an experienced and highly-successful PPC agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialise in creating, managing, and optimising paid ad campaigns to maximise returns on investment and drive more leads for our clients.

Our dedicated team excels at enhancing cost-per-click efficiency, minimising wasted clicks, improving conversion rates, and making a positive impact on every pay-per-click campaign.

Google Ads PPC Agency Thailand

Google Ads, previously Google AdWords, has long been a successful platform for both Google and advertisers. Advertisers can set up campaigns based on selected keywords, bid amounts, and various other parameters that can determine the success or failure of any pay-per-click campaign.

One common pitfall for businesses is setting up Google Ads campaigns and only periodically checking performance, often once a month. During this time, competitors may outbid you on essential keywords, leading to a decline in performance. Factors like poor ad rank and low engagement can further reduce visibility.

These errors can result in unnecessary expenses and missed conversions. Effective management of Google Ads campaigns requires daily or at least weekly bid refinements, competitor monitoring, and ongoing optimisation.

Some Google Ad settings are advanced and not intuitive. An untrained eye may overlook opportunities and overspend.

Outsourcing your Google Ads PPC management to Kahootz Media, an experienced PPC Agency in Bangkok, ensures expert oversight of your campaigns, allowing you to focus on running your business while we generate leads for you!

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social media advertising has revolutionised the world of paid advertising, largely due to the vast user data and captive audiences on these platforms. Facebook, now Meta, is a leader in social media advertising.

As a PPC agency in Bangkok, Kahootz Media can manage your existing Google Ads or social media advertising accounts in Bangkok and beyond. We also offer setup services for those who don’t have them yet.

Facebook provides the ability to hyper-target specific demographics, including location, interests, age, and more refined criteria. Not to mention the hugely powerful Facebook Pixel! This precision in targeting, particularly for a PPC Agency Thailand like Kahootz Media, is an invaluable asset for optimising ad spend and extending reach.

Our team possesses the expertise to establish and optimise social media paid ad campaigns that will get your business noticed. In today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace, paid social media advertising isn’t merely recommended; it’s nearly essential for growth.

With the online space becoming increasingly crowded, Facebook, in particular, has implemented algorithms to limit the organic reach of posts. On average, organic Facebook posts reach just 2-3% of your page’s likes.

This means that even if your page has 1,000 likes, only 20-30 people may see a post until it garners likes and shares. Facebook’s intention behind this change is to maintain content quality on users’ news feeds, and it has, conveniently, significantly contributed to the company’s surging advertising revenues.

Paid Content Distribution

Paying for visibility on social media may seem frustrating for publishers who want their content to reach a broader audience. However, limited organic reach doesn’t mean that great content goes unnoticed.

We have achieved substantial success with content amplification on platforms like Facebook and others. This approach involves producing excellent content and supplementing it with amplification spending to maximise reach.

“Give great content the best chance to reach a vast audience on social media by investing in its amplification.”

Exceptional content can quickly go viral, resulting in increased sales, email sign-ups, page likes, and more inbound links to your website.

With as little as 500-1000 baht ($15-30), you can promote a specific post, reaching thousands of people. The post’s reach is further amplified by the number of likes and shares it receives. It’s an outstanding way to convey your message to large and targeted audiences.

Great content is the starting point. Promoting posts or ads that provide little value can significantly hinder your reach.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and numerous other platforms offer a wide range of advertising options, including content amplification, display ads, lead generation ads, page promotion, website promotion, email sign-ups, and more.

PPC Agency Bangkok, Thailand

PPC advertising is an integral part of modern digital marketing. If you invest time and resources in creating great content, it’s only logical to promote your best content to maximize its reach. If you have a compelling business model, you want as many people as possible in Bangkok to know about it.

Whether you require support with Google PPC, Bing, or social media advertising, our expert team at Kahootz Media, the premier PPC Agency Bangkok, will elevate your digital marketing presence and enhance your return on investment in Thailand. Unleash your business’s full potential with Kahootz Media’s professional PPC advertising services.

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