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Our SEO Agency in Hua Hin, Thailand will help propel your website to the all-important top three positions in Google. We have SEO experience in a wide range of industries…

Whether you are a start-up company in Bangkok, Thailand or a large multinational PLC, we have the skills and the know-how to manage your search engine optimisation (SEO) budget effectively and responsibly.

Search engine optimisation used to revolve around adding some ‘meta keyword tags’ to the background of your website, writing some website copy jam-packed-full of keywords, or creating false backlinks.

Inevitably, if you tried a combination of these tactics back in the day you’d end up with some sort of visibility. Nowadays, this doesn’t happen.

The algorithms of the search engines will, at some point, detect unnatural occurrences of links, keywords and other manipulation tactics.

Punishments for ‘Black Hat SEO‘ can range from a demotion in rankings, to a total blacklist of the website domain itself. This means it will not display in the search engine results pages at all!

Today, SEO is a tangled web of strategy, counter-strategy, and subterfuge. As a leading digital marketing agency based in Hua Hin, Thailand, we are here to help you get lasting results and a healthy return on your search engine optimisation investment. Our ethical SEO practices please both the search engines and the user.

“Almost every business online craves that top spot on Google page one. It’s so competitive that each Search Engine has its own clever algorithms for detecting anyone trying to artificially inflate their own rankings to the detriment of user experience.”

SEO Explained

There are specific terms for the right and wrong way of carrying out on and off site SEO. ‘Black Hat SEO’ as mentioned previously, is the one to avoid. If in doubt, hire an SEO agency like Kahootz Media. 

Artificially building (or buying) significant amounts of backlinks and spamming content over the web is known as Black Hat SEO.

Keyword stuffing is another example of SEO malpractice. Google and other search engines have evolved, and can easily spot these basic attempts to top their rankings.

It could lead to a domain being penalised, or worse still, removed from the search rankings entirely if and when these SEO malpractices are discovered.

Fresh quality updates are regularly implemented by Google and other search engines. Websites that have tried to game the system are often found out at this point. Subsequently, they are banished to the online abyss of page 2 and beyond in the results pages.

“White Hat SEO focuses on the user experience. It centres around providing genuine quality content and services.”

Choose A Reliable SEO Agency in Thailand

As an experienced Bangkok SEO Agency we know that a website that has adopted a ‘White Hat SEO’ approach is more likely to stay in the top positions of the results pages once it reaches them. Creating and sharing awesome content is one great way to build natural links back to a website and can form part of a White Hat SEO strategy.

It can take time to produce and share content, but it will help increase domain authority, page rank, and search engine results if it is done correctly. User experience is also key to modern-day SEO.

Positive signals will be sent back to the search engines if users stay and interact with a website for a period of time. It’s known as dwell time.

Conversely, it’s logical to a search engine that if a website has 100 visitors and they all exit the site within a matter of seconds after clicking on it, that the user experience/relevancy to the search term is deemed to be poor. This is known as the bounce rate.

Highest Returning Search Terms

Kahootz Media always employ SEO best practice and use ethical methods to increase rankings. We identify the highest returning keywords and search terms for the industry before implementing a strategy. We can also manage PPC campaigns to test and discover high converting keywords and the biggest wins for your business. Throwing money towards a search engine optimisation campaign without utilising data is not a smart strategy.

We always adopt a responsible and mature approach to optimising websites and content for search. What’s more, we won’t tie you into long contracts, and we’ll provide regular reports to keep you abreast of rankings and results.

The top spot on Google isn’t a guarantee for digital marketing success, but it sure helps! Having a healthy and professional presence elsewhere online will help to increase your conversion rates when people find your site and increase brand awareness. Combine relevant page one rankings with a blend of quality content, social media, design, branding, and overall user experience and you have all the ingredients for success.

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