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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google takes many factors into consideration, more than 200 in fact, when deciding how and where to rank particular web pages. However, content is at the core of everything.

The amount of content is important but the quality of the content and how useful it is for the visitor is the most important consideration.

Links back from other websites, particularly authoritative websites, are also essential to SEO success. One great organic backlink is worth a thousand irrelevant ones. 

We also know that a sub-standard IT backend infrastructure can greatly hamper SEO efforts. It’s great producing the best content, but if Google cannot understand what the content is about, it may have difficulty indexing it correctly. 

Within the 200+ ranking factors there are numerous other on site and off site optimisations that play a part in how successfully a website ranks. We leave no stone unturned. 
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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google and social media channels such as Facebook (Meta) can be great for pay per click advertising. This is a method used to divert relevant and immediate traffic to your website.  

Our skill is streamlining your PPC campaigns so you pay the minimum for each click or conversion. We refine your campaigns, your landing pages and your sales messages for more conversions at less cost.

We have extensive knowledge of PPC across all platforms. Whether you want to amplify your content and increase brand awareness, or promote a one-off sales deal, we can help.
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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Kahootz Media manage a plethora of social media profiles across a variety of different industries. Social Media Marketing isn’t all about selling, though. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite. 

SMM plays a vital role in building online relationships, trust, reputation and increasing brand loyalty. We have a broad understanding of the algorithms that the various social media platforms use to dictate who sees what.

Our job is to ensure your social media presence persuades, educates and entertains a growing brand audience. In turn, we will help elevate your brand to one of prominence in your industry.
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One of the most important parts of your sales and communication funnels is your website. A website that is fully functional, responsive to different devices (such as mobile phones) and that has clear calls to action will generate you more revenue.

It makes sense to have the best website that you can afford to convert the maximum amount of website into paying customers and help deliver your chosen messages. The team at Kahootz Media love producing great websites that convert.

We focus on every aspect of the site to ensure it performs for you. Content, design, development, SEO and user experience being at the core of our website production process. 
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Producing compelling content with amazing consistency is our speciality. We have the creative mindset to get into the head of the consumer and solve their problems by creating informative, entertaining and fulfilling content.

Kahootz Media can create blog content, website copy, social media and any other content. Words, infographics, video and more. By creating content that users appreciate, you will in time receive more likes, shares and links back to the original source.

This increases your overall reputation online, the size of your audience and SEO presence. Awesome content is integral to all successful digital marketing campaigns.
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An effective brand strategy will help you dominate your industry. We work tirelessly to understand your company DNA and amplify your brand’s message to the world.

A good brand can mean being able to charge more than your competitors for a similar product or service. Branding isn’t all about your logo, either.

The company name itself, design of your website, social media profiles and the content you share play an integral part to ongoing success. Branding also extends to the type of language you use online.

Kahootz Media use language, slogans and content that resonates with your target market and that will help you grow sustainably and emphatically.
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