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English to Thai and Thai to English translation

We provide professional translation services in Hua Hin and beyond for all of your marketing. This could be your entire website, Facebook or Google Ads, blogs, or anything between. 

It’s common knowledge that English proficiency in Thailand is the lowest in South-East Asia and also very low on a global scale. If you are doing business here and expecting your target market to understand what you are publishing in English then you are wildly mistaken. Thai consumers expect and will respect the ease of being able to read content in their native Thai language. What’s more, foreigners residing in Thailand are generally very poor at understanding Thai. To cater to the needs of foreign and local consumers in Thailand, translation into English and Thai and visa-versa is highly recommended. 

Thai To English Translation Services

We help individuals and businesses maximise their revenue potential with native Thai and English translations in Hua Hin and beyond. Whether it’s a simple menu or a 10 page website, we have the personnel to ensure your message is conveyed correctly and accurately. If your business benefits in any way from tourism in Hua Hin Thailand, having your marketing materials translated into English from Thai will be of considerable benefit.

“If your website visitors can’t understand the language you have your site published in, you are at a disadvantage immediately. Translate your website according to its visitors and you will get more conversions and increase revenue”

English to Thai Translation Services Hua Hin

As previously mentioned, the level of English is generally very low in Thailand. This means if you want to communicate your message effectively and win business from native Thai speakers, you will have to translate your English content. We’ve seen this work on numerous occasions, where we have translated websites from English to Thai, and over time the lead count in the Thai language has continued to grow exponentially. It seems like common sense, but if your target customers can’t understand the language you are publishing in, you will not build trust or convert them into paying customers.

“Google translate doesn’t work correctly for English to Thai translations and visa versa. The intricacy of the two languages means human translations are a genuine benefit to businesses”

Translation For Better Conversions

So, you run a restaurant in Hua Hin that has both English-speaking (and reading) customers as well as native Thai speakers. It will prove hugely beneficial to translate all of your menus into both languages accurately. This is proven, and restaurants that offer online ordering on apps such as Grab are set to benefit even more from this fact. If you provide goods or services online, having accurate translation throughout your website will increase conversions. If just one aspect is ambiguous it could put customers off and cause them to leave the site. 

Facebook Ad Translation Services

You’ve probably seen the ‘see translation’ button on Facebook, clicked it in hope, and been unable to decipher what an ad or a post is actually about. If your audience can’t understand your posts then you are missing out on a potentially valuable segment of your market. If you are paying for Facebook or Google ads and are not translating them properly in Thailand then you are not reaching your marketing’s full potential. Kahootz Media translates all ad copy and can also place it directly within your ad dashboard on Facebook, Google, and more. We’ll check all of your Facebook or Google ad settings, to ensure ads are displaying to the right people in the right language. 

Improved Google Rankings

Did you know that translating your site correctly, and providing Google with the proper multi-language structure can improve your rankings, and drive extra visitors, and conversions? There are lots of free and paid translation plugins for WordPress. However, with incorrect use, you could do your rankings more harm than good. Kahootz Media will guide you or manage this process for you, to ensure that your website is not only translated correctly but that it is optimised for SEO with the correct URL structure.

Prices for Hua Hin Translation Services

We charge relating to the complexity of each translation piece. Our minimum charge is 1,000 baht and then we charge a fixed rate per hour (for translation only). This price does not include Facebook or Google Ad input and optimisation, or website SEO optimisation. We will provide a written fixed estimate of charges once you have supplied the text for translation and any other requirements. Please note this is not a sealed or legal translation service. Our translation services are aimed at marketing and related activity.

Summary: Hua Hin Translation Services

If you are running almost any business in Hua Hin, Thailand you are certain to benefit from accurate translation services. Particularly online, people do not have the benefit of being able to ask a human what something means or have the patience to try and figure it out.

Get in touch with Kahootz Media today and ask about our professional Thai to English and English to Thai translation services.

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